Healthy Hearts Ministries

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Meet our Bishop

Chosen by God to preach the gospel, Apostle Hicks, a Saint Petersburg Florida native was visited by the angel of the Lord at the age of 23. Shortly after, Apostle Hicks began to receive divine insight into the word of God as well as partake in spiritual training.

Ordained as Bishop & Apostle by Apostle Dan Bolin in 2003, Lee Hicks took up the God ordained mantle and set into motion a ministry founded in revelatory teaching and the prophetic. Established in 2022, Healthy Hearts Ministries has seen a true manifestation of the power of God through signs, wonders, and miracles. This has not only initiated a heavy flow of deliverance, but also a rush in supernatural healing unlike anything the world has ever seen.

Just as the Angel of the Lord spoke many years ago, Healthy Hearts Ministries is transforming people’s lives all around the world. With this intention, our Lord Jesus, through Apostle Hicks, has established an earthly kingdom aimed at bringing souls into discipleship in order to partake of his Divine Nature.

Healthy Hearts is deeply rooted in the local and international communities here in Tampa Florida. By taking aim at healing one heart at a time, we are focused on reaching a new generation through a message of hope.

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